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FOYL Lighted Boat Parade Party!

Join us on December 2nd, 2017 from 5-8pm as we celebrate the holiday season by watching the Annual Newport Lighted Boat Parade from Mo’s Annex on the Newport Bayfront.  Warm food, good conversation and lots of prizes are to be had as we enjoy the boat parade from the comfort of Mo’s.  Tickets are on sale now and space is limited. Price of admission is $22, and the price include a meal of your choice and 1 non-alcoholic drink.  Additional menu items are available for purchase at the event. Tickets to the party are also redeemable at the Interpretive Store for 20% off of your purchase during the month of December, and all proceeds from your purchase benefit Newport’s lighthouses and their surrounding areas. Reserve your seats now by contacting Amy at either (541) 574-3129, or by email at, or by stopping by in person to the Interpretive Store at Yaquina Head Outstanding Natural Area.  We look forward to celebrating with you!



       Help To Uncover the Secrets of the Past, Find a Shipwreck of Your Own!

  • Fresh breeze N. West thee 24 hours, first part of 24 hours little high dry fog. Last part of 24 hours fair weather. Sea quite smooth. Keeper went to Newport. 1st ass’t and 2nd ass’t painting roof of woodshed & whitewashing tight board fence. At 6. P.M. sighted three ship’s boats coming toward the cape and landed, it proved to be the entire crew of the ship St. Charles that blew up by coal gas at 8.40 A.M. the 17th. The Captain and crew taking to the boats. The Capt and two of the crew are badly burned and are at the Station taking care of them the best that we can. Gave the entire crew supper and lodging and breakfast. Have telegraphed to agents particulars concerning the accident.

We have historic letters, logs, and inspectors reports that need to be transcribed! Help to reveal the unknown history of the Lighthouse! Just recently a volunteer found an account of not one, but two maritime disasters. The above is an example of the beginning of the St. Charles disaster at sea, following is a link to the story of the St. Charles along with a gruesome Newspaper article from Sacramento regarding the events

There’s a list of shipwrecks here Oregon shipwrecks at Wikipedia .

Surely there are more buried in our logs, to find your own just Transcribe them here!



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